Indian Head Cufflinks

Indian Head

Minting 1908 to 1929
Country of Origin United States of America
Value 5 US Dollars
Material 21K gold
Weight 10.62 g / piece
Diamonds 4 x 0.05 carats
Diameter 21.4 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm

Through just a few cut-outs, the Indian Head has been set apart on the coin and further refined with 2 diamonds with a brilliant cut. Through careful polishing all special details have been made prominent again.

Through attention to detail and use of expert precision tools, special coins are transformed into beautiful, unique pieces of jewlery.

Indian Head


2 ½, 5 and 10 Dollar denominations of the “Eagle Gold Coins” were legal currency in the USA from the 1790s. In 1907, the 5 Dollar Indian Head coin was minted and became the successor to the coin that bore an image of Lady Liberty. This coin marks the end of a 150-year coin era and is the last 5 Dollar gold coin that was put into circulation in the USA.

It was the major stock market crash in the USA in 1929 that led to the US Government putting a stop to the issuing of gold coins. All available coins were then melted down in the years following the Great Depression due to the rise in the gold price.


These cufflinks are especially unique thanks to the fact that they’re not produced using replica coins but, rather, real American gold dollars. It’s clear to see that some of the coins used are more than 100 years old, thanks to the date of minting stamped into them. Not only are the coins of high value due to their age, but also due to the craftsmanship used in making the stunning end product. What adds to the unique nature of these coins too is the clear signs of wear and tear, differing from coin to coin according to age.

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