About the Artist

About the Artist

Martin J. Fiedler lives and works in Berlin. With over 20 years’ worth of experience, he’s become a renowned jewelry and product designer, specializing specifically in producing exclusive masterpieces out of coins.

Since his youth Martin J. Fiedler has been fascinated with the variety of motives and artistic designs found on all sorts of coins. This fascination has led to him studying the meanings and symbolism behind the diverse range of coins that can be found. He paired this fascination with his training as a precision mechanic and began producing special pieces of work by cutting out and thereby enhancing the value of unique coins. This soon led to great success at jewelry exhibitions and the overwhelming enthusiasm of clients encouraged this artist to concentrate solely on creating his unique jewelry art.

For several years he worked predominantly as a freelance artist, running a successful jewelry gallery near Munich’s Viktualienmarkt. Today his focus and energy lie very much in the design and development of unique and timeless pieces of jewelry, as well as custom-made works of art for his international clientele.

About the Work

Coins are more than just a currency for Martin J. Fiedler. Their importance goes beyond simply being a necessity that accompanies us through our lives, making it possible to acquire things. For him they’re more of a reflection of the culture and history of a vast array of countries since they represent what a country honors and values.

This approach forms the basic idea of Money Art Berlin (MAB)

It’s this approach that makes it possible for each coin to be altered into something distinctive, taking the original artistic design and delicately transforming it into something new, whilst at the same time maintaining the legacy of each specific piece. Through his many years of experience in working with coins, Martin J. Fiedler is able to transform each piece not only into an individual work of art but also – as can be seen with his cufflinks or money clips – into practical objects for everyday use.

In order to give a sense of depth to the original motif of the coin, this artist uses high precision tools such as the finest saws. Pieces are then soldered onto money clips or cufflinks or designed as pendants.

Since many blank coins are not available in precious metals such as gold, replicas are produced from the originals. Further refinement and finishing of the pieces of jewelry takes place by adding diamonds with an brilliant cut individually into tiny, carefully-crafted holes and attaching them to the coin using a specialized technique.

Since each coin has to be prepared and worked on by hand, cost factors and effort are naturally higher. A clear advantage, however, of producing replicas lies in the utilization of Fairtrade materials. Through the conscientious procurement of gold and diamonds, Money Art Berlin supports positive social and ecological mining of valuable raw materials. Martin J. Fiedler is always on the lookout for the most beautiful and meaningful coins. All his works of art are uniquely hand-crafted and as such are solely available as part of limited edition ranges.

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