Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Minting 1957
Country of Origin Sri Lanka
Value 5 Rupees
Material 18K gold
Weight 23,86 g
Diamonds 17 x 0.02 carats
3 x 0.10 carats
Diameter 38 mm
Thickness 3 mm

The distinctiveness of the pendant lies in the many cut-outs. Each of the 24 animals were neatly outlined by hand and thanks to a total of 20 diamonds worked into the piece, it is the most elaborately produced and valuably refined work of art from Money Art Berlin.

Through attention to detail and use of expert precision tools, special coins are transformed into beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry.

Circle of Life

Sri Lanka

For many people, Sri Lanka is regarded as a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean with golden, sandy beaches and tea plantations with deep hues of green. Many areas of the country also carry a deeply spiritual atmosphere though with around three-quarters of the population belonging to the Buddhist faith.


The “Circle of Life” coin, which was made available in only in small quantities, was minted in 1957 on the 2,500th anniversary of the Buddhist teachings. In this collection from MAB, the coin is decorated with horses, lions, camels, birds and elephants. The animals placed on the inside of the pendant appear to move in a circular motion within the different layers of the piece – this symbolizes the core idea of Buddhism: a wheel without beginning or end; the endless cycle of rebirth.

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