Minting 2014
Country of Origin Tokelau (New Zealand)
Value 5 NZ Dollars
Material 18K gold
Weight 25.69 g
Diamonds 1 x 0.05 carats
1 x 0.10 carats horn
Diameter 38 mm
Thickness 3 mm

The unicorn that forms the focal point of this pendant is caught and framed in motion and the diamond, with brilliant cut, fashioned into its eye gives this piece a delicate sparkle. The dynamic nature of this pendant’s appearance is further enhanced by its ability to capture, and play with, reflections of light.

Through attention to detail and use of expert, precision tools, special coins are transformed into beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry.


New Zealand

Nowadays the unicorn is depicted as a creature in the shape of a horse with a distinctive, long, spiraled horn on its forehead. Its graceful body is usually presented with silver-white fur and is of dazzling beauty. This shy and evercompassionate being avoids getting too close to humans by hiding in forests.

Unicorns symbolize goodness and purity and are mythical creatures that possess magical powers, can heal sickness and can protect against poisoning. Folklore depicts this being as one that is a talisman against evil: when a unicorn appears, the devil disappears.

In Europe and Western cultures, the unicorn is thus one of the most central symbols of purity and innocence. Even as far as Japan and China, this creature is known as a mark of goodness, so its appearance is always a positive omen.


The unicorn is a being of such beauty and fascination that myths have surrounded its existence for hundreds of years. At the same time, the pronounced and distinctive body of this creature exudes power and momentum.

Unicorn Alternative
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