Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollar

Minting 1878 to 1904 / 1921
Country of Origin United States of America
Value 1 US Dollar
Material 90 % silver
Weight 22 g / 52.02 g
Diamonds 2 x 0.10 carats
Diameter 38.1 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Length of the money clip 130 mm x 20 mm x 1.2 mm
93.5 % silver
HV 160

The Morgan Dollar exudes timeless elegance and is undoubtedly one of the most famous coins worldwide. The subtle balance between filigree work and large cutouts emphasizes the coin’s motif, and the widespread wings of the Bald Eagle symbolize both grace and strength. The coin in this piece is finished with 2 diamonds that have a brilliant cut.

Through attention to detail and use of expert precision tools, special coins are transformed into beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry.

Morgan Silver Dollar


The Morgan Dollar is made out of 90% pure silver and 10% copper. Nowadays it serves as a reminder of the long history of the United States currency. In that history, it was aligned with the interests of the Silver Party and owners of the silver mines whom lobbied intensively to produce and maintain the coin.

Historically, from 1873 – the year of the “Coinage Act” or “Crime of ‘73” – there was a regulation in the USA that only gold coins should be minted. The American gold and silver standard was over and so money within the USA was to undergo a significant reform. However, an additional law set by the Treasury stated that up to at least $2 million worth of domestic silver could be purchased every month and developed into coins. This is, essentially, how the Morgan Silver Dollar came into existence.

Money clip

What’s particularly special about this money clip is that it´s not produced using replicas of the coins but, rather, genuine American silver dollars. From the year stamped into some of the coins, you can tell that they’re around 100 years old. The coins themselves have a very high value which is further increased by the manner in which they have been processed into works of art.

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